FAQ: Trial Smart ID Tags

Trial Smart ID Tags are special SuperIDs® Smart Tags for introducing the capabilities and the power of Smart IDs to new users.

One can obtain Trial Smart IDs from various sources, such as requesting one from GetSuperID.com – from a friend or business, or simply purchasing one from the Dynotag online store.

A Trial Smart ID tag is activated and used as a normal Dynotag Smart ID Tag. Trial Tags typically have a six month trial period. Anytime during this period, the tag can be purchased by clicking the “Buy” button displayed next to the “Manage Tag” button in the “My Records” screen.

Clocking the “Buy” button purchases a lifetime subscription for the Smart ID and brings it out of the trial mode.

Without purchase, there will be a reminder email sent about a month before, then a few days before the trial is over – and without a purchase the tag is RESET. A message will be sent to the current owner, who can pass the Smart ID on to a friend or family for them to try out.

A quick note:

– In the Dynotag system, one creates an “Information record” and LINKs one or more Smart ID tags to that information record. You can have multiple information records in your account, each with one or more tags linked.

– This means you can get products over time and simply LINK them to an information record you had set up before.

– It all works seamlessly, although the QR codes on individual SMART ID tags are different.

– For example, the trial version of the Wallet MedID card works just like any other Dynotag Med ID: it is linked to a “Medical ID” Information record.

Important: A Dynotag Information Record stays active as long as there is at least one tag linked to it.

This means you can purchase any Dynotag Smart Medical ID product and link it to the same Medical ID record with the trial Wallet Card.

For example, you can link a Smart Pendant Medical ID tag, a keychain Medical ID tag, a Wristband Medical ID tag and a Medical ID Sticker all to the same Medical ID Record.

When a trial Wallet Medical ID is purchased by its current user – it is no longer in trial mode – becomes permanent and will not expire. It will stay linked to the Medical ID record.

If a trial Wallet MedID card expires without purchase – the Smart ID Tag is “reset” – which unlinks it from the Medical ID record. At that point:

  • If the Medical ID record has no other tags linked,  the record itself will be deleted as well.
  • If the Medical ID record has other tags linked, it will continue functioning normally.