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A small sample of actual product feedback from our customers…

Property Tags / Luggage Tags

  • Awesome Product!
    By T.B.  – for Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag
    These are awesome, have bought them for all of our family luggage. Easy to register, easy to manage, easy to track all with their on-line website.

  • Easy to use!
    By S.W.  – for Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag
    Great product for locating lost valuables. Instructions to set up device easy to follow.

  • Strong, sturdy and works as expected!
    By K.P.S. – for Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag
    Wow! Great luggage tag. Really solid and well built and looks like it will survive the nightmare that is Airport conveyor belt-land. It works as expected and was a breeze to setup.

  • Great invention!
    By J. A. P.  – for Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag
    So far so good. Quick to get it, easy to activate.

  • Five Stars
    By C.O – for Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag
    Easy as pie…and truly no strings attached. Can you imagine that these days..

  • Great product! Gave to all of my ‘traveling’ friends …
    By R. H.  – for Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag
    Great product! Gave to all of my ‘traveling’ friends as Christmas gifts.

  • Great Idea, easy to set up
    By T. D. – for MiniTags
    First this is just a great idea. It is easy to setup on the web and offers far more information than you would ever be able to put on a regular tag…


SuperAlertID™ Emergency Smart Tags

  • I could not afford Medic Alert monthly payments and I am so delighted that all Dynotag cost was the purchase of my tag…
    By M. F. – for Charm ECI Tag
    Dynotag is a fabulous idea! I could not afford Medic Alert monthly payments and I am so delighted that all Dynotag cost was the purchase of my charm.No monthly payments! I have heart problems and take a lot of medication for that and if I am unable to speak Dynotag speaks for me to emergency personnel. All they have to do is scan the QR emblem with their Phone and my site will open up with my picture and all my medical info. Dynotag is Dynomite.

  • Hit in the ER!
    By P.- for Charm ECI Tag
    Worked when I needed it to! The staff in the ER were so impressed they plan to look into getting these for themselves!

  • Best Medical Alert Ever!
    By A.C. – for Charm ECI Tag
    Excellent product…easy to use and small enough to fit on my watch. Great idea!

  • A must have for everyone!
    By RL. – for ECI Card Kit
    I’m using the Emergency Info Card and the Metal Pendant – they’re great! I can load as much information as needed – insurance, medicine, allergies, and important contact numbers! In the event of an emergency, I can’t imagine not having them.

  • Perfect for medical records
    By L.T.C. – for ECI Card Kit
    Very simple to use. Works great. I have tried from 3 different phones to scan the code and it reads clear and the information comes up. I’m glad that I have something a little easier to have my medically complex child’s important information on.

  • Love them. I’m an RN working in ER Trauma …
    By M.S. – for ECI Card Kit
    Exactly what I wanted. I bought the luggage tags and the emergency contact tags for my dad. Love them. I’m an RN working in ER Trauma and wish all patients had this and kept them updated. Awesome idea.


Pet Tags

    By G. – for Steel Pet Tag
    I love having these for each of my dogs. Not only for safety reasons but also to keep track of their medical records which is very important. I am always afraid something may happen to me and my dogs would be motherless. At least I have peace if mind that a family member will know what medicines they need, who their vet is, age, date if birth, date of adoption, etc. I highly recommend these and would give out as gifts. I bought a medical alert one for my father and one for my keys which I always misplace. It is very easy to use and best of all MADE IN USA. Great customer service.

  • Best thing ever!
    By M – for Steel Pet Tag
    Absolutely love this product. My dogs are “chipped” but I wanted the average person, if needed, to be able to locate me directly. The tag notifies me whenever someone scans the code. Then I know immediately if my dog has been found.

  • What a great product!
    By A.C. – for Round Laminated Synthetic Tag. 3 unique tags
    My dog has been returned twice!

  • Perfect for dogs who change addresses frequently!
    By A.E. M. – for Steel Pet Tag
    Love these! Have been buying them for all of our foster dogs, since whenever they change homes it’s easy-peasy to change the information on the web page that comes up whenever the tags are scanned.

  • Buy this before your pet gets lost!
    By M.J.H. – for Steel Pet Tag
    Clever idea that gives security to your best friend and peace of mind to you. No batteries or subscriptions. Does require honesty and computer or smart phone from finder of your lost pet.

  • This is the neatest thing!
    By S  – for Steel Pet Tag
    This is the neatest thing ever!! I’m sorry but if you can’t be happy with this you just cannot be happy. It came fast and it is better than I thought. I set it up as a pet tag easy as pie. Where my address and my vet’s address appear I can click on the map icon and actually see a google pic of my house or the vet clinic!!! I added a picture of my dog and where it asked for a license number instead I typed a message to please call my mom ’cause I’m lost! The website is slick and has my email address, cell number, home number and work number. When I access the site or scan the QR it gives my GPS location. Sure my girl has a tag with her name and address but this just adds one more way she can be found and safely return home. Her vaccination records with dates on it, too, and I think the next time someone needs those they can just get it from the dynotag website. Besides, it has entertainment value.