More about Pet Tags

Dynotag Super Pet Tags offer superior capabilities to help your pets come back home safely.

All our tags are designed and manufactured of premium materials to high standards and come with a satisfaction guarantee. For active or larger pets, we recommend choosing from our tough Steel products. Mild pets and cats may use the lighter non-metal tags.  You can choose from the following varieties:

Deluxe Steel Brightly Colored Fun Pet Tags 

With Protective Polymer Coating and Ring. These are fun designs of our popular, pet tags.  Made of tough steel with a protective coating that also helps eliminate noise common with metal tags, they come with a stainless split ring to hang on the existing collar.  Tough steel is long lasting and can be polished using a polymer based car wax. They are sized at 1.19 inches (30mm) wide. You have several fun designs to choose from!

Each design has a bright layout on the back of the tag containing all the information needed to set-up and view the information in the tag.

Stainless Steel Slider Pet Tags 

These are available for 3/4 inch and 1 inch wide collars in “Closed slot” or “Open Slot” designs.

Made from tough stainless steel with a protective coating, our slider tags go directly on the existing collar on your pet and essentially become a part of the collar. They work well especially for larger, active dogs which are very demanding on their tag while going through brush and playing with other dogs.


  • Closed Slot slider tags provide for ultimate security on your existing pet collar. Cannot be chewed off or scratched off – becomes an integral part of the collar – requires an existing collar without attachments or rivets that would prevent from sliding it in.
  • Open Slot slider tags  are preferred for maximum convenience in attaching to existing collars.

    Blue Slider with tennis ball

Synthetic Laminated Tags 

Suitable for cats and smaller, gentle mannered dogs.

We designed these tags to be general purpose, economical and lightweight.  These tags are manufactured using thin yet tough synthetic, flexible laminate product we use for our property tags, minitags and micro zipper tags. While they are resilient for everyday use, energetic or large pets would put too much strain on them – for them – we recommend our steel tags described above on this page.

logo_onelineBe a Shelter Angel!

Every Dynotag® Smart Tag purchased contributes to our ShelterAngel charity project, which rewards pet shelter adoptions with free smart tags! Our goal is to raise awareness and help achieve more shelter adoptions!

A note for pet owners in the U.S.:
If you are certain you need a REAL-TIME Pet Tracking solution – and
– Don’t mind paying more upfront AND monthly subscription charges?
– Don’t mind having to charge batteries often?
If so, we have identified a solution to supplement your dynotags here!