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Based on requests and feedback from our global user base and the First Responder community, we have completely redesigned the Smart ID system. Accounts of created prior to October 2020 are automatically upgraded and ready to use the new capabilities!

All SuperIDs still come with lifetime service included in the product, plus our incredible Lifetime Warranty and Good Samaritan Rewards all built-in for our consumer products.

Here is a partial list of what is new, click any heading to expand the information:

New: Detailed Information Keeping in Records

Information in Smart IDs are more than a couple text fields. Records now store several information sections that simplify information maintenance without working on a multi-page form. Every record type has relevant information sections clearly laid out, making it easy to add information without confusion.

Why: For example, a Medical ID needs to keep track of several pieces of health information, such as conditions, allergies, medications, doctors, insurance information… These information sections can now be edited individually, and multiple instances can be added as needed.

New: Record “Completeness” Guidance

Some records, such as a Medical ID record, can have a lot of information and can get overwhelming. There are different audiences for such information, ranging from “First Responders” in and accident scene, to a “Hospital Admissions” office and “Doctors

The “Completeness” panel on the record dashboard presents “Point of View” guides. These help you fill a required minimum of information in the right sections of the record, for different use cases. This ensures the record is useful for particular sets of potential “viewers”..  

Why: Perspective guidance gives the tag owner immediate feedback in how useful their Record is. This is done from the perspective of various viewers. For example, the Medical Records have First Responder, Hospital Admittance and Doctor’s Office perspectives.

New: Reusable information snippets

These are pieces of information that may be shared by multiple records, such as contact information. Your doctor’s contact information is the same for all your records, why enter it over and over? 

Why: This is how we work in daily life. We have one place where we record a contact info, so we don’t have to re-enter it all the time. You can do the same in your Dynotag account. Thus makes it easier to create multiple records without re-entering the same doctor, hospital, family contact information. Information bits are private to that dynotag account only.

New: Records & Tags

Every tag is now linked to an information record that is automatically created for you. Multiple tags can be linked to an information record.
Why: This makes it easy to have a “Share” record, then link multiple tags to it. 
For instance, our users want to use a single Medical ID record that is shared by multiple tags. One can have a wallet card, pendant, wristband tag to all use the same medical record”. Similarly, one “property owner”  record can be created and multiple tags can be linked to it. (learn more)

New: “My Records” screen

The new “My Records” screen lists your records and their linked tags.
You can click on a record or a tag ID to view their “Dashboards”. You can also view your information record via any one of its linked tags – and see it exactly like another person would – viewing your information through that tag.
Why: All the information you need to find your tags and records – in one place.
Prior to this, we used to have a “My Tags” screen only – and there were no shareable records. Easy preview of your information by others help you fine tune the information presented.

New:  Advanced Security

Based on user feedback and First Responder input, we enhanced the security capabilities of the system so you can fine tune what information is available to whom.  (learn more) You can still choose “Simple” security of a password for the entire record to keep things straightforward.

This enables you to present basic information to any viewer – while protecting sensitive information with a password.  Example: You may want your blood type, allergy and urgent information (diabetes, heart condition, penicillin sensitivity etc.) to be displayed immediately while keeping other information under password protection. 

Why: Before, if you password protected a tag, NO information would be visible until the password was entered. That is still possible by assigning security level “Password Protected” to the tag itself. Now, you have a lot more control – if you choose.

New: Record Dashboard

A record is viewed via its “Dashboard” page – where all information, and setup operations are presented on a single screen.

Information sections are presented as “Data Panel” operations, whereas control operations for the record are presented on the “Function Panel”. (learn more)

Why: Our users asked us to group related information into individual sections, avoiding a giant form with lots and lots of form fields. Our new “dashboard” design makes managing the information in a record more intuitive and uncluttered. 

New: Fast View

Now, the information contained in your tag’s record is displayed rapidly on practically any smartphone or computer with a plain web browser.  Plus, when you preview your information, you will have the IDENTICAL experience to someone viewing your tag, so you can assess how complete your information is.

Why: This speeds up the display of information to First Responders or others who need to view your tag/record in an emergency. 

New: Photos, Photos Everywhere…

We have made it easier to attach a photo to various pieces of information in your records.

Why: No need to fumble entering dense and cryptic inforation when you can just snap a photo of the item and attach that?

Mobile phones have made embedding quick photo snapshots easy! Instead of trying to spell the name of a medication, prescription or the test result, one can just snap a photo and insert that into the record.  The same with insurance cards, hospital records, etc.    The image loader automatically compresses the image to reduce its storage use.  If it is necessary to upload images in full resolution, they can always be uploaded as attached files…

Before, there were limited opportunities to attach photos. 

Same as always: You are the exclusive owner of your data!

Unlike social media or shared info sites – you are the exclusive owner of your information.

ALL your record information is securely kept in the Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) and you make all the security decisions as to what information should be password protected and what information will be presented freely.

Your data, images, contacts will NOT be viewed by third parties without your permission.

You can adjust the security of your record at any time, fine tune and test it by viewing the tag contents like third parties would.