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Smart Tags with Super Powers!

Loved Ones and Valuable Gear Come Back Home Safely...

Tough, Maintenance-Free Smart Tags for your everyday needs.

  • SuperMedID – Protect the ones you love! Be prepared for an emergency with Vital information instantly pulled up on demand.
  • SuperPetID – Pets are family! Make sure the information they need to come back home is ready in a SuperPetID Smart Tag on their collar.
  • SuperTagID – Smart Tags for every type of property you got! Make sure they can find their way back home.
    • SuperKeyTag – No key should be without!
    • SuperBagTag – All bags should have one
    • SuperIDTag – Put on any gear you want to recover!
      • SuperGearTag – Tough and light laminated tags. You can also use our Bag/Key tags.
      • SuperStickerTag – For personal, electronics & outdoor gear
      • ZipperTags – Our most compact tags
    • SuperAssetID – Smart Asset Stickers for bulk use at home or office

SuperIDs Smart Tags are powered by DCS™ service from Dynotag®