Super PetID

Your Pet Deserves the Best!

Maintenance-free Super PetIDs by Dynotag keep vital information on your pet for quick and safe care and return.

Setting up a SuperPet ID? View the Super Pet Tag User Guide for usage tips, information and document templates to track your pet’s medical history and vaccination…

SuperPetIDs are superior to surgically inserted chips:

  • Unlike surgically implanted chips, you can attach the SuperPetID yourself, with no risk of infection, inflammation or pain.
  • Chips require a special device to read the information. Information in a SuperPetID can be read by any smartphone or computer with a web browser.
  • A chip just has a serial number. Information has to be dug out of a separate database, at a place that has the right equipment for the task.
  • In contrast, a SuperPetID can be loaded with all the information necessary – which can be viewed from any smartphone. That Information:
    • Owner contact information
    • Pet’s licensing information
    • Pet’s specific allergies, behaviors and mannerisms
    • Pet’s medical insurance information – should immediate attention is needed
  • Dynotag offers complimentary Good Samaritan Rewards on all smart IDs. You can offer additional rewards for assistance.