Dear Friend,

Hope this message finds you well…

Word of mouth from our customers has been the leading source of new users joining the Dynotag family. So, we decided to enable our users to send a free a dynotag product as an Introductory Gift!

Now, you can make a friend happy with a free gift they surely will enjoy, and get good karma in return!

It cannot get any simpler: Sign in and click “Send Free Gifts!
Just enter the email address of your friend and we’ll  set up delivery.  There is absolutely no cost to sender or recipient, we even ship the gift free. Any friend residing in the U.S. who is not an existing dynotag user qualifies.  We are working on getting our International Users in on this program and will be announcing details soon.

If you want to try a different way, we have these Complimentary Tag Request Programs where qualified individuals can request complimentary tags. You can share these easy-to-remember program web pages via social media, e-mails, any way you see fit.

This program provides any First Responder, Police, Fire and Medical staff with a complimentary  mini Emergency  SuperAlertID™ Tag   Given all these heroes do for us, the least we can do is see to it they are prepared for a Medical Emergency themselves…

Perfect for passing on to any doctor, nurse, police, fireman or EMT acquaintances.

This program provides students and faculty with a complimentary Mini Keychain Smart Tag  Keychains being one of the most lost items on campus, this gift surely will be appreciated…

Perfect for any high school or above student, as well as faculty!

If you have any feedback on these new programs, we’d love to hear back from you.   Send as many free gifts – and share the links of the request web pages above as you see fit.

Thank you…

Your friends at Dynotag

Vector industrial illustration background of the factory for sorting gift boxes with bow.