Store Rewards Dashboard

We at Dynotag love it when our users spread the word on how great dynotag products are!

As a matter of fact, many of our new customers come from friend and family referrals.

To show our appreciation, we are offering a referral “rewards” program.   This way, when your friend or family member finds out about dynotags and makes a purchase, you get rewarded with DynoMoney credits – which you can use just like cash for purchasing products at the Dynotag Store!

It is really simple – you get 20% of the product purchases done through your referrals! 1 DynoMoney = $1US – so use it just like cash in the store to buy any product you want!

All Dynotag products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee!  You will see any referral purchases made with your shared links in your “pending” earnings. You simply wait until the 30-day product return window is over – then, your earnings become “current” and they are ready to spend at the store.


The “Rewards” dashboard presents you tools and detailed information about your earnings progress:

  • Current Credit: This is the amount of DynoMoney ready to spend now! Shop away!..
  • Pending Credit: This is the amount of DynoMoney waiting for the 30-day return window to settle – and will become “Current Credit”
  • Social Share Link buttons: You can share on the shown social networks immediately, or you can click the “chain” button to get your “raw” links to share in email, blog, etc. or HTML variety to add to your website.
  • Transaction History:
    Every transaction resulting in a change to your accumulated credit activity is available to view.

    • > “Set Filter” button – enables you to specify a date range to focus on.
    • > “Refresh” button – updates the display with the latest transactions since the last time.
  • “Download CSV” menu action: You can use this to download the currently viewed set of transactions as a .csv file – that can be opened by any spreadsheet program for analysis.

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  • Rewards are accrued from any new users who started shopping from your referral link.   You will make a 20% commission of all their purchases not only for the initial purchase – but a full 31 days following the original membership creation – for any product they purchase.
  • If any products purchased through your referral links are returned, the commission from that purchase only will be reversed as an “adjustment” transaction.
  • DynoMoney rewards are usable for any product in the Dynotag Store, excluding any tax and shipment fees that may be required.
  • Dynotag reserves the right to make adjustments to the DynoMoney rewards program from time to time.