Introductory Tags in Bulk

If you need introductory tags in bulk for purposes like:

  • Several First Responders at the office (multiple Emergency AlertID Smart Tags)
  • Several Faculty members or Students at the same location (multiple property recovery Smart Tags)

We simply need you to:

  1. Get a free dynotag account at
  2. From the email used to create the free account, send a message with:
    – Number of tags needed
    – Your credentials as the leader organizing receipt/distribution of the tags
    – List of individuals that will activate the tags in the bulk delivery.
    For example – if you order 30 tags for the team, we’ll need a list with 30 names / titles.
  3. We will then respond with an email that will provide you with a special single use coupon for your store account, that will provide an extreme 90% discount  off the list price of chosen item, up to quantity 100.   You can then use the coupon to order products off our online store. Products will be sent as bulk products (no packaging) in a tracked parcel via USPS, FedEx or UPS – your choice.

This method saves your team considerable time as you perform the ordering and delivery in bulk. Dramatic discount offers the tags far below wholesale.

Does your organization need more than 100 introductory tags?  Do you need to arrange alternate artwork/logo? Please contact us at and we’ll be happy to create a solution that meets your needs.

We look forward to setting your team up with Dynotag Smart Tags.