Gift Offer Emails

When you send an introductory dynotag gift offer, the system processes your offer immediately and sends an offer email to recipient on your behalf.

Under some circumstances, your recipient may not receive this e-mail:

The recipient email already is a dynotag user.
Existing dynotag accounts do not qualify for introductory gift offers.
Remedy: Please send gift offers to other friends & acquaintances who do not already have a dynotag account.

E-mail was deposited into “junk” category at recipient’s email provider
Gifting emails are sent from
If the recipient email system does not recognize this as a known user, may automatically enter it into the “Junk” or “Spam” folder.
Remedy: Ask the recipient to check their junk/spam folder to find the message – and add into their address book so the sender is known to their system.

The gifting program’s current batch of tags are all committed
The gifting programs occasionally deplete their allotted set of tags.
Remedy: We replenish the program inventories – and will send the gift offer when a new batch of gift tags become available.

Thank you for using Dynotag’s introductory gifting programs!