FAQ: How do I activate a dynotag?

There are multiple ways to go about this, but we suggest the following path:

If this is your first dynotag,  you need to create a free dynotag account. Simply visit dynotag.com and click “Activate Tag” to start the process. You will get to enter basic information in your “my account” page, which will have your basic contact information, which can easily be incorporated into your tags. Press “Save” at the bottom when done.

After your account is created, just click the “Activate Tag”  anytime you want to activate another tag into your collection – and follow the guided process, which will ask your unique tag ID (dynotag.com/xxxx-xxxx) and activation key code (XXXX) both of which are printed on your tag.

Every dynotag smart tag is owned by a single account.   Only that account can update the tag contents.   One account can hold tags for multiple people (example: Mom manages all the tags for younger kids, as well as grandparents)