FAQ: Anonymous Mode

In some cases, activating “dynotag-powered” merchandise in “anonymous“mode can be of interest when:

  • You do not want to add the tag being activated into your collection.  It will not be associated with a Collection Owner, so it is an “island” of information all by itself.
  • You are interested in gifting the tag, especially when gifting to non computer-savvy friends, who may not be able to set the information up themselves.  Alternatively, when gifting to more computer savvy friends, you can include a nice gift message, picture, a nice greeting document or even a voice message file to them. After enjoying the message, they can “Reset” the dynotag and activate it again, adding it to their dynotag collection if they wish.

Dynotags  attached to “retail merchandise” have some special attributes:

  1. They CANNOT be deleted. The owner of the dynotag can choose to disable it – but because the dynotag is associated with a physical object, deleting the dynotag would make the information on the object  meaningless – and would lead to confusion. So – deletion is not an option.
  2. They can be RESET.   The owner of the dynotag merchandise can “RESET” the tag back to factory settings – as if it was never activated.
    This functionality allows the owner of the merchandise to experiment with various tag types as the needs change over time – or give the tag to a friend for their use.
  3. Cannot enjoy “Premium” functionality while in “Anonymous” mode.  By definition, most “Gold” functionality is associated with a “collection owner”.  “Anonymous” mode activated tags do not have a designated owner.
  4. The access statistics of an “anonymously activated” dynotag may be available to anyone who views the tag and its  activation code. Because there is no owner, any viewer is a potential owner. In “Anonymous” mode, anyone who has access to the physical dynotag-powered object  – or knows its factory-set “Activation Code” can manage it.

How to Manage a dynotag in “anonymous” mode:

  • While viewing the dynotag on a desktop mode web browser, click the “Manage” link near the top of the page.
  • You will be challenged to enter the “Activation Code”.  If you enter the correct activation code, you can edit the tag or “reset” it.

Note that as long as a dynotag stays in the “anonymous” mode, its factory-assigned “Activation Code” is the key to its management. Anyone who knows that can manage its contents or “reset” it.

Dynotag recommends limited, purposeful, use of “Anonymous” activation of tags because of their lower security and lower capabilities. For family members and friends whose tags you are willing to manage, you are better off simply adding these tags into your account – perhaps associating them in a special group such as “Timmy’s Tags”.