FAQ: Home

The “Home”screen is an operations center you can go back to any time. Once you activate a tag and set an information record for it, the “My Records” page will become the landing page when you come back to “dynotag.com”.

Note the yellow “About” introduction on top of the screen. Many screens have an “About’ section on top, which can easily be hidden away by clicking the “Collapse” button on top. Don’t want to see the “About” section? Click the “Hide this in the future” checkbox – and the section will be hidden from now on. You can still expand it any time you need, by clicking its “Expand” button

There is no system specific “app” for dynotag.com – as it uses a “webapp” that is loaded into your web browser. The same webapp is used on all computers, smartphones and tablets. On narrower / smaller devices, the left drop-down “Action Menu” may be hidden to save screen space. Clicking the ‘Show” button on top left will expand the menu into place. It can be hidden again anytime…

The “home” screen displays the following icons, each performing a specific task:

  • My Records
    Go to “My Records” screen. Once you activate your first tag, “My Records” screen will be the default screen when you sign back in. You can come back to the Home Page by clicking “Home” from the function menu…
  • activateActivate a New Tag
    Activate new Dynotag Smart IDs into your account.
    When you get new Dynotag Smart ID products, you have to activate them into your account. Learn more…
  • storeStore
    Choose from our selection of Smart ID products. We ship globally!
  • View Tag Contents
    Enter a tag ID and view its contents.
  • createCreate Flex Tag
    Create a “Flex” tag – a dynotag that belongs to you but is not linked to retail product. You use the Flex tag for embedding it into documents you will create, such as business cards, company letterheads, etc.  Creating a Flex Tag requires one dynotag credit – and is instantaneous.
  • accountMy Account
    On this screen, you can view/update your profile information, communication preferences and other account attributes.
  • purchaseCredits
    Dynotag credits can be purchased online here.  Credits are needed for instantiating a Flex Tag – or increasing capabilities of existing Smart IDs.
  • helpHelp
    Contact our Customer Support Team!
  • aboutAbout
    Background information about Dynotag.
  • languageLanguage
    Choose the language among supported ones.
    Note that English is the default for many components, and in many cases – the only language. However, User entered information can be in any language – such as Chinese or Cyrillic! Dynotag Smart IDs can thus be used anywhere on the planet.
  • logoutSign Out
    End the user session.
    Sign out if you are using a public or shared computer! Without explicitly signing out – the session is left to linger for several days – so no sign-in would be needed next time you visit dynotag.com in that time.