FAQ: Factory Reset

Under certain circumstances, you may want to “Factory Reset” a tag you own.

  • You want to factory reset the tag and give it to another person to activate/use.
  • You realize the tag is not the right style or size for your application – so you want to return / replace it.
  • The tag is no longer needed and you want to erase its contents.

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign in to your account – go to “My Records” screen.  Make sure “Show Tags” button is pressed so you see gray “Tag” buttons under orange colored “Record” buttons.
  2. Click the gray “Tag ID” button of the tag you want to reset.  That will take you to the “Tag Dashboard”
  3. Click the “Reset” icon in the lower “Function Panel” area.

Your tag contents will be erased – and the tag will be removed from your account.
If that’s the last tag linked to the record, the record will be deleted.

If the physical tag is in usable condition, it can now be “Activated” by any dynotag account holder and start working – again.