FAQ: Adding files to file cabinet

Certain tag templates,  such as the ones used for Emergency Contact Info SuperAlertID™ Tag and SuperPetTag™ templates as well as the “File Cabinet” tag template enable users to upload any type of file into a tag:

  • You can upload a file, up to several megabytes in size, to your tag.
  • You can upload multiple files, but the total cannot exceed the tag’s maximum space quota – which is by default about 50MB for Gold level tags.
  • When you are done uploading files, click “Save” to save the tag with new information.
Given that the average size of a paperback book is less than 5MB, this is plenty of room for information, however, images and other rich content can consume space more rapidly. If needed, a tag’s file quota can be upgraded up to 200MB, by upgrading the tag.
Please when you are on the Tag’s “Manage” screen entering your info, you will see a button:
Click that button and you will see your system’s “File Picker” pop up to assist you select the file to upload.
For each file in your tag’s file cabinet, you will see a section like this – where you can add a description and make other choices.
Once a file is uploaded (info.pdf in the example below) it helps to add a description about the file’s contents.
Using the checkboxes:
  • You can choose to get notified every time this file is downloaded.
  • You can also assign a password to each file separately.  Please make sure your “Hint” makes sense when the tag needs to be viewed by a third party.
Here is the same file in the cabinet, with additional options selected.
Yellow form fields denote “Unsaved” information in the tag.
When done uploading files, it is important to click “Save” to save the updated tag – else your files will not be saved.
As always, we strongly encourage you to have a trusted third party person to view your tag and verify that all the information is available as intended…