FAQ: Activation

Here is all you need to know about activating your Dynotag Smart Tags:

Quick Summary:

A dynotag can be activated only once – and the dynotag account used for the activation process becomes the sole owner of that tag, forever.

Only the owner of a dynotag can view and update its contents. Everyone else can only “view” the tag contents.

To update a dynotag you already own, simply sign in to your dynotag account, go to “my tags” screen, and click on the tag of interest. After making your changes, click “Save” – that’s it…

Now, in more detail:

What is “Activation”?

“Activation” is the process where the owner of the dynotag “claims” the tag to be theirs by entering an “Activation Code” that is in the packaging with the tag. Activation codes are 4-digits long, like “ABC8”. They are case-sensitive and have to be typed in exactly as printed.

The “Activation Code” is often placed on the tag itself in a way it is only visible when it is removed from the packaging. The “Activation Page” will show you where to look for the code – as soon as you enter the Tag’s ID.

Because only someone physically holding the tag can see the factory-generated activation code, the dynotag system recognizes that person as the legal owner of the tag when they enter the “Activation Code”.

Once activated, a dynotag has an owner and cannot be activated again.  However, for the purposes of regifting, etc.  the owner of a dynotag can “Reset” it and return it to the factory settings – ready for activation again, perhaps by another user. More on that below.

What are the “Activation” choices?

First time users activating a dynotag are presented with three choices:

  1. Standard Activation: Sign in to your Dynotag account and claim this tag for your collection. If you do not have an account, you will have to create one now.
  2. Anonymous: Activate this tag and claim it anonymously (ideal for gifting)

Explained in more detail, these options are:

Standard Activation:

Your dynotag account is a convenient way to keep track of all your dynotag smart tags in one place. If you already have a dynotag account, you can sign into your account and add this new tag to your collection by entering the tag’s unique ID and activation code.

If you do not have a free dynotag account, you will be asked to create one, providing an email address and a password of your choosing. This email ID will be the default for your tags’ notification messages. All account information is optional but we suggest providing as much information as you can in the “My Account” page – as this information will make setting your individual tags easier. You can always come back and add more information in your “My Account” page and keep it up to date.

 “Anonymous” option:

Setting a tag up for someone else? Parents? Friends? Anonymous activation may be of interest.   An anonymously activated tag is not associated with a dynotag account so it is an “island to itself”.

While an anonymous tag is quick and convenient, it has one security issue: Anyone who knows the “Activation Code” can manage the tag and change its contents. However, the legal owner can simply choose to add that tag to their collection and remove that concern.  See the “Reset” and “Claim” sections for more information.

Unless you have a need for this specific functionality – we suggest sticking with standard activation and NOT using the anonymous option…

Resetting a dynotag (removing it from your collection):

Every physical dynotag that is active can be “Reset” by its owner.

The “Reset” process returns the dynotag to its fresh, ready-to-activate state.
All the information in the dynotag, as well as access logs, etc. are deleted.

“Reset” is useful when you want to return a dynotag you already own to the “factory” condition. It has the side effect of “removing” that tag from your collection – as if it was never activated by you.

Reasons to use “Reset” functionality:

  • You want to gift your physical tag to a new owner.
  • You no longer use this dynotag and want to remove it from your account.
  • You want to reset the tag and activate it again, starting fresh.

While a dynotag that is associated with an account can be “Reset” by the account owner only, an anonymous dynotag can be reset by its owner – or any person who has access to the “Activation Code” on the dynotag.

Claiming an “Anonymous” dynotag:

Most anonymously activated dynotags are enabled for “claiming” into an existing dynotag collection.

All the recipient has to do is while they are logged into their dynotag account, entering the web address of the anonymous dynotag on their browser address bar. When they choose to “manage” the anonymous dynotag, they will be given an option for “Claim”. Clicking that option, after entering the anonymous dynotag’s “Activation Code”, it will be added to their collection as is.

The advantage of the “Claim” process instead of the new user “Resetting” and “Activating” the dynotag is – all the information on the tag is preserved as is, so, you do not have to lose that nice tag photo or information.


Activating a dynotag is a quick process – without any pressing need for precision, because you can easily update all information later on. You can even reset and re-activate the tag, as needed…