FAQ: Activation

Here is all you need to know about activating your Dynotag Smart Tags:

Quick Summary:

A dynotag Super ID  Smart Tag can be activated only once – and the dynotag account used for the activation process becomes the sole owner of that tag, forever

Only the owner of the SuperID can view and update its contents. Everyone else can only “view” its contents.

For a quick Activation Guide, see this.

To update a dynotag Smart ID’s information you already own, simply sign in to your dynotag account, go to “My Records” screen, and click on the record of interest to edit that record. After making your changes, click “Save” – that’s all…

Now, in more detail:

What is “Activation”?

“Activation” is the process where the owner of the dynotag “claims” the tag to be theirs by entering an “Activation Code” that is in the packaging with the tag. Activation codes are 4-digits long, like “ABC8”. They are case-sensitive and have to be typed in exactly as printed.

The “Activation Code” is often placed on the tag itself in a way it is only visible when it is removed from the packaging. The “Activation Page” will show you where to look for the code – as soon as you enter the Tag’s ID.

Because only someone physically holding the tag can see the factory-generated activation code, the dynotag system recognizes that person as the legal owner of the tag when they enter the “Activation Code”.

Once activated, a dynotag has an owner and cannot be activated again.  However, for the

Resetting a dynotag (removing it from your collection):

Every physical dynotag that is active can be “Reset” by its owner.

The “Reset” process returns a Dynotag Smart ID to its fresh, ready-to-activate state.
All the information in the Smart Tag, as well as access logs, etc. are deleted in this process.

“Reset” is useful when you want to return a dynotag you already own to the “factory” condition. It has the side effect of “removing” that tag from your collection – as if it was never activated by you.

Reasons to use “Reset” functionality:

  • You want to gift your physical tag to a new owner.
  • You no longer use this dynotag and want to remove it from your account.
  • You want to reset the tag and activate it again, starting fresh.

To reset a tag, pick it up from the “My Records” menu.  On the Tag Dashboard, Operations Panel – click the “Reset” action…