Enabling Tag Password

A Dynotag Smart Tag can require a password prior to allowing third party viewers access the tag contents.


How does it work?

A Tag Password, when enabled by the owner, will be the gatekeeper for third party viewers accessing ANY information in the tag. Unless you have a specific reason to require this password protection, we suggest leaving password protection off – so the information will be easily available to those who are trying to help.

What happens when the Tag Password is enabled?

If the Tag Password is enabled, there are two relevant pieces of information:
1 – The Password itself
2 – The Password “Hint“.

When a third party user wants to view a password protected smart tag, they will be asked (challenged) to provide the password – and the “Hint” will be shown in order to help them enter the correct password.

The built-in initial Password scheme you can use as is.

When you enable “Password Protection” your tag has an initial password/hint already set up – so you don’t have to change the password/hint in most cases.

By default, Dynotag Smart Tags are set up to use the randomly generated Activation Key Code as the password. That Key Code is printed on the physical tag itself – and the system knows the key code for each tag – so this setup is immediately usable without any modifications needed from you. Anyone holding the tag physically can read the Key Code printed on the tag – so this provides reasonable initial security for your tag.

What if you want to enter your own Password/Hint?

If you want to alter the Password and Hint that will be used, you have to make sure you have a usable Hint/Password scheme.

Example of an acceptable setup (there is only one correct answer)
Password: 1000
Hint: How much is 600 + 400?

Example of an unacceptable setup (few people would know the answer, it can be entered wrongly even by people who know the answer)
Password: 8675309
Hint: Cousin Earl’s cell number

If you enable password protection of a tag with an unusable password, you will effectively render your tag unusable!

Verify proper operation after enabling the Tag Password

After setting your tag up, we suggest you have a trusted third party, like a neighbor or a friend, view the tag using their smartphone. This way, you can verify the tag is working as you expect.