Dynotag Associate Program

The Opportunity You Have Been Waiting For!

Family at home...
You get to decide when is “Family Time” and when is “Work Time”

You are social person, a clear communicator. You use the Internet for work & play. You are quick learner – good at juggling many tasks!  But you cannot commit to a full-time job. You need to set your own pace!

Why not use your talents and skills to earn additional income? Dynotag Associate Program is the opportunity you have been looking for!

As a Dynotag Associate, you get all the on-line materials and support you need to sell a proven line of products in your social circles. You can start selling today, without having to purchase any equipment, starter kits, or learning complicated products!

Reach for your Economic Independence

As a Dynotag Associate, there is no limit to how much you can earn.  At up to 40% commissions, watch your earnings grow!

Freedom to set your own work hours

You have a family, commitments – and only certain times when you can work. That is fine! You set your own time schedule and pace – you are your own boss!

No cash investment,  no inventory, no peer recruiting, no gimmicks!

Many associate programs require new associates purchasing an expensive “Welcome Package”. Dynotag does not. You can optionally purchases sample products at deep discounts.   Dynotag study materials are online at our web site, including sample tags you can view – so you can study at your leisure and start selling as soon as you receive your acceptance material!

When you sell by referrals, Dynotag handles all the shipping, billing and inventory matters! Dynotag associate system does NOT promote associates recruiting other associates – so you can concentrate on selling.

The world is your office!

You can sell using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others – as well as blog articles and on your own web site! Anywhere you can fire up your laptop, your tablet your phone – is your office… Once you set your referral links up, you make money, even while you sleep!

No commuting, no clock to punch, no office politics – you decide when and where you work!

Customer  Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

You communicate your customers the value dynotags bring to their life: Peace of mind!

Peace of mind with their pets,  loved ones and valued property!   With no batteries, no electronics and no subscription fees!  Dynotags are full featured,  maintenance-free and work for your customers 7/24 – around the clock – for life!

Plus, all dynotags come with a money-back satisfaction guarantee so your customers can buy with confidence!

What is Dynotag Associate Program (DAP)?

DAP is Dynotag’s associate selling program available to qualified applicants in the U.S.

DAP offers a generous (up to 40%) commission on all sales of Dynotag goods through Dynotag’s online storefront at dynotag.com/store.

What makes DAP different?

There are many associate and referral programs which are easy to enroll but do not offer significant commissions and may require significant cash and time investment.  Most associate programs with significant commissions (10% or more) require an on-boarding fees, inventory management and customer billing engagement.

A Dynotag Associate, however:

  • Starts with a 25% base and makes up to 40% commission on sales of dynotag goods – five times or more compared to most associate programs.
  • Does not pay any enrollment or on-boarding fees.
  • Does not have to stock any product (product inventory is handled by Dynotag).
  • Does not perform order payment processing (Payment processing is done by Dynotag).
  • Does not ship products to customers (order shipping is covered by Dynotag).
  • In addition to the direct commission, Dynotag tracks when a new end customer is introduced to Dynotags by their first purchase – by the associate. From that point on, the associate qualifies for “residual commission” of about 2% whenever their customer makes a purchase through any other channel, for up to several months. Details of these are covered in the Associate Agreement,

Your Guide to Selling:

The Dynotag associate generates a revenue stream by:

  • Studying and understanding the value of service provided by various Dynotag products. Study materials also include common questions and responses you can use.
  • Organizing events, promotions, online presence, social campaigns to sell dynotags.
  • Facilitating product sales using the associate link and coupon provided by Dynotag.

You set up how your coupon will work.  You can keep all 25% base commission or – give as much as 20% of that as a price discount to your buyers.  You decide based on your market. As soon as a dynotag product is sold via associate’s link or coupon – the sales commission is computed and becomes visible as “pending” income in your “Associate Dashboard”. When you sell more than a certain amount, you receive a “Performance Bonus” amounting up to 10% of the sales – bringing your commissions to 35%. If you perform “Group Registration Sales” as School Fundraisers are often done, you get another 5% commission, bringing your commission potential to 40%.

Once customer receives the ordered products,  a “30-day satisfaction guarantee’ product return window is in effect.  At the end of that period, the associate commission becomes “invoiceable”.

More detailed information is available in the “Dynotag Associates Program” overview document.

Sample Associate Setups

Here are some common associate scenarios:

Humanitarian Cause: Pet Shelter

Mary getting a cudde
Mary Enjoying a cuddle at the pet shelter!

Mary works as a volunteer at the local pet shelter named FurryFriendz . Cash is always tight and budgets are under pressure. A must-have product for pet owners, highly rated Dynotag Super Pet Tags offer a wonderful potential for an additional revenue stream from the existing sponsor and supporter base.

Mary applies to become a Dynotag Associate on behalf of FurryFriendz and is accepted into the Program.

Getting started, Mary chooses the “Referral Selling” model, which provides Mary with a 25% base commission, with potential to reach 35%.  She can take all  of the 25% base commission on provide up to 20% of the sale price as a “low price incentive” to her customers.

Mary picks the special coupon code FurryFriendz17 and decides to offer a 5% discount of tags’ retail price for her referrals – keeping 20% of the sale as commission.  This means for every sale of $10, Mary will make $2 in commissions.   She could have easily chosen to sell at full price, counting on the willingness of the patrons’ desire to help the cause. Then, with no end-user discount, she could make $2.5 for every $10 sold.

Mary does the following to create demand for her products:

  • Introduces Dynotag SuperPetTags on FurryFriendz Facebook page
  • Posts happy pet photos and dynotags on Instagram
  • Links to dynotag content, such as dynoverse.dynotag.com/pets – to communicate product features in detail.
  • Tweets mentions of above posts
  • Prominently displays as a brief introduction on the FurryFriendz web page, sharing heartwarming success stories…

… in all cases mentioning the FurryFriendz17 coupon code – and for online posts, sharing the special store link that already has her coupon built-in.

In addition,

  • Mary uses the brochure templates offered by Dynotag to make her brochures.
  • Sets up pop-up boards and posters using templates provided to make her own online material and publish them online. Similarly, printed materials are created as necessary, such as
    • posters for the shelter, and
    • a pop-up cardboard for the store area.
  • Mary leverages Fundraisers and Social Gathering events to promote the dynotag offer in advance, as well as during the event.

Thanks to Mary’s diligence, sales pick up quickly – and exceed $5,000 in the first month alone, qualifying for 35% commission = $1,750

Mary can track the performance of her sales live – as they happen – at the Associate Dashboard in her Dynotag Store account.

Once shipped goods are beyond the initial 30-day return period, Mary’s earnings become billable and Mary invoices dynotag electronically via PayPal,  receiving the proceeds via PayPal within days.  All transactions are tracked and reported so Mary has all she needs for recordkeeping purposes.

So, without much additional effort, Mary and FurryFriends access the untapped potential of their support network and offer their friends a great product for life, while earning a considerable sum on a monthly basis!  After all, Dynotag offers a variety of products other than Pet Tags – and purchase of any product via the associate link or coupon generates commissions for Mary’s associate account.

Furthermore, Mary and FurryFriendz initiated customers making dynotag purchases through other avenues (directly off dynotag store site – or via another reseller) still results in a residual commission to Mary and Furryfriendz!

School Fundraiser

Fundraising is a part of school life.  Whether it is the sports team supplies, road trip for the band or just supplies for the classroom, there is always need for extra cash.

Mary is also an active mom at Riverdale High School.  Having sold dynotags for the Furryfriendz pet shelter, she knows dynotag Super Pet Tags, Emergency ID Tags and Property Tags would make excellent fundraising items.

Mary follows the same successful marketing she did for the FurryFriendz Pet Shelter – but with one exception: She and her helpers decide to sell products using the “Group Registration Model”, visiting donors to take orders and payment ahead of time, then receiving all products from Dynotag in one batch – and distributing them to their owners.  This opens the potential to making up to 40% commission for this project – leading to a significant earning that help realize the fundraiser goals in short order!

Apply Today!

Get more information about the program here – and apply today, by simply filling this online application form! 

We’d love to help you realize your dreams!