Concepts and capabilities

Our industry leading DynoIQ technologies offer extensive  capabilities.

Dynotags contain no batteries or electronics and are maintenance-free.

All dynotag capabilities are powered 7/24 by our patented Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS),

Use with ANY web browser, no QR reader or app required

Every dynotag has a unique Web Address printed on the merchandise.

At any point in time, this Web Address can be entered in any Web Browser to access the contents of the tag. NO smartphone or QR reader is needed.

When a smartphone with a QR reader application is used, that application simply extracts the Web Address encoded in the QR code and starts the Web Browser App to visit that Web Address. The QR code simply acts as a convenience mechanism to avoid typos entering the Web Address manually into the smartphone web browser.

Dynotags are forever!

Once a dynotag is created, all the information in it is kept secure and safe in Dynotag’s data centers.

All the dynotags attached to retail merchandise, such as Luggage Tags, Keychain Tags, Emergency Info Cards, etc. simply live forever.

Unlimited view/update

All dynotags can be edited/updated by their owners at any time, from any location, using the Web interface.

There is no preset limit or regulation to the number of or the extent of the updates.

The same is true for the User Account information.

Dynotag Credits

Dynotag does not burden our users with recurring payments. Tag purchases includes lifetime service.

Dynotag makes enhanced levels of functionality available by one-time purchases, paid by “Dynotag Credits”

Every account’s  “Dynotag Credits” are displayed in the home page.

Dynotag credits can be purchased right from the dynotag web site, on demand, either one by one or in bundles that offer attractive discounts. More information is available on the “Pricing” page.

Secure Activation

Dynotag powered merchandise is delivered “Ready to Activate”. The activation process requests the user to enter a special activation code that it printed on the tag or included in the packaging.

Newly activated tags are added to the “tag collection” of the user activating the tag, keeping things together and making it easier to  maintain the information stored on the tags.

Once activated, the user performing the activation becomes the “Owner” of that dynotag and can enter/update the tag contents as well as viewing tag access time/location log.

Anonymous Activation (a.k.a. Gift Mode)

This is a feature available to dynotag retail goods.

Normally, dynotags are activated and added to a user account. However, this may not be desirable in certain conditions where the tag will be “gifted” or should be accesible to a group or users, not a single user.

In such circumstances, “Anonymous Activation”, a choice offered during “Activation” can help.

When anonymously activated, the dynotag is not linked to a user account but any user who has access to the “Activation Code” can manage the tag, hence it is not recommended for tags that should keep secure information. Also, not all tag features may be available in the Anonymous mode.

For extended use, it is recommended to “assimilate” anonymously activated tags into a user account as described below.

Factory Reset

All Dynotag Powered merchandise subject to “Activation” can be “Reset” to factory state by its owner.

To perform this operation, simply go to the tag’s “Manage” screen and click the “Reset” link.

*WARNING* Resetting a tag clears all the information stored in the tag, as well as its access logs. This action is not reversible.  

Temporary Disable

Available to all dynotags, this feature renders the information stored in the tag inaccessible to tag viewers.

The owner can “Enable” the tag again and make its contents visible again.

This feature allows a tag to be fully loaded with information but its content be hidden until needed.

All dynotags start as enabled by default.

Tag Scan/View Time/Location log

For every dynotag in the system, Dynotag service keeps an access log every time there is a view of that tag. The information logged includes the time of access, the IP address of the viewer and any location information returned by the viewer.

All access information is shown on a resizable map with location pins in the owner’s tag management view.

Ask for location information

All dynotags have a checkbox in the owner’s tag management screen that determines whether this tag will ask the viewer device for precise location information. 

Asking for location may be an unnecessary step in viewing of the tag –  if the tag is at a fixed location that never changes, or owner does not care about the precise location of the viewers for that dynotag.  Lifting that requirement would make the tag scan faster for the viewer.

High quality QR Code /Unique Web Address

Every dynotag offers its unique, high quality QR code and unique web address that can be used by the tag owner.  Dynotag QR codes are designed to be clearly and easily scannable by virtually all smartphones.

Short Web Address

All dynotags feature a short web address for compact representation. This same short address is used for the tag QR code as well.

Geolocation/GPS Support

Most tag views performed in the field are done by smart phones that have precise location information. The smart phones employ a variety of location determination technologies, such as GPS, Cell Towers and WiFi service hotspots.  If location querying is enabled for a dynotag (on by default) the Dynotag service asks the reading device for a precise location. The viewer device at that point may ask the user for permission to send location information. Once accepted, Dynotag service logs the precise coordinates in the access log.    

If such information is not sent from the viewing device, Dynotag attempts to estimate the location from the IP address. The precision of the latter method can be poor for mobile devices but fixed locations (home computer, etc.) may yield location information within a few city blocks, useful for many applications.

HTTPS Secure Web Connection Support

For added security, Dynotag performs all user interactions on a secure SSL connection.

Selectable Tag Templates

This feature allows the owner of a dynotag to enjoy maximum flexibility in determining the tag contents and presentation.

Dynotag has a variety of tag type templates available. Not all tag types may be available to all Dynotag powered merchandise or tags activated in anonymous mode.

All tags have an initial tag type they start with. This initial tag type may be a function of the retail merchandise the dynotag is associated with.  However, once the ownership is established, the owner can experiment with available tag types and choose a template that best fits the needs of that particular tag.

  • Advanced tag modes: presented as selectable tag templates: (learn more)
    • File Tag: An uploaded file is directly shown as tag content. Works for image, music, documents…
    • Internet Tag: Viewer is sent to an alternate web site (as decided by owner)  when the tag is viewed.
  • Standard tag templates are available for most tags: (learn more)
    • Personal Tag
    • Item Tag
    • Medical ID Tag
    • Pet Tag
    • Event Tag
    • Asset Tag

Password Protection

This is a feature available to silver or gold dynotags. Most Dynotag merchandise comes with silver or gold dynotags.

Dynotag delivers all tag content over secure SSL connections and only the owner of a dynotag can update its contents. However, by default, most tags start existence as publicly viewable.  While this may be the desired behavior for many tags, it may not be appropriate if sensitive or personal information is shared in a dynotag. In such cases, it is recommended that the tag is password protected.

The password protection feature has two components: The password and the hint.

It is important to choose a proper hint for the password that will help the proper people to access the contents.

A common method for Emergency Information Tags is to use the “Activation Code” printed on many tags as the password. This enables only those in physical reach of the tag to access the password.

Tag view notification via e-mail

This is a feature available to gold dynotags. Most Dynotag merchandise comes with silver or gold dynotags.

This feature enables the tag owner to be notified of tag views via an automatic e-mail at the desired e-mail address . Tag name and other access information is included in the message.

It is possible to enable this auto-notification mode only when needed.  For Emergency Contact Information cards and similar tags, it  is a good idea to have this feature enabled at all times so loved ones can be notified of access.

Custom Tag Address (a.k.a. Tag Alias)

This is a feature available to gold dynotags. Most Dynotag merchandise comes with silver or gold dynotags.

This feature enables the tag owner to get a personal tag address for the tag.

All tags are accessible with their unique address, which is a set of numbers like 1234-5678   While functional, these tag addresses are not memorable.   With a Custom Tag Address, the owner can use an arbitrary string of characters (no spaces) as the tag address. This “alias” becomes another address for the tag.

Dynotags with aliases are referenced by an “/a/” ahead of them in the tag web address, which marks the address as an ailas.

If the alias is “John_Doe” then the dynotag address would be

Aliases are especially useful if the dynotags are displayed in a publicly visible fashion, such as a business card…


This is a feature available to gold dynotags. Most Dynotag merchandise comes with silver or gold dynotags.

The LogBook feature enables the dynotag owner to allow tag viewers to add notes to this dynotag.

Every note is automatically time stamped and added to the top of the LogBook entries of the tag. Once entered, the log entry cannot be updated by anyone other than

The notes can be added without any restriction, or permission may be given to only those who know the “LogBook Password” for the tag – as set by the tag owner. There is a “Hint” for the LogBook password, which is useful to help remind what the password is.

Furthermore, the LogBook can be marked as “moderated”, allowing the tag owner to view every LogBook entry and approving for display or deleting the entry.

Optionally, the LogBook user can choose to receive an e-mail every time there is a new log entry attached to the LogBook. This is especially handy for a moderated LogBook.

The LogBook feature can be used in many real-life scenarios where service records or visit records are maintained.  Examples:

  1. Emergency Contact Info Tag:
    Inoculation records, changes in medicine regimen can be added by clinic staff or the owner.
  2. Pet Tag:
    Veterinary visit notes can be added by clinic staff or the owner.
  3. Car Tag:
    Service visit notes, can be entered by the owner or the mechanic.
  4. Hot water heater / HVAC equipment:
    Maintenance notes can be added by the technician or the owner.
  5. many more situations where ongoing notes to a tag is useful.

File Storage

This is a feature available to most dynotags, including standard ones.

Standard dynotags, as well as silver dynotags come with 4MBs of storage for “File Tag” template. This means any file of size up to 4MB can be uploaded into the tag.

Gold dynotags, among other benefits, increase the storage to 50MBs.  

For certain tags, it is possible to purchase more  storage using Dynotag Credits as a 1-time purchase. The File Tag management  form will show any storage purchase options available.