Celebrity Pet Program

kodietheyorkie-2017_01_25-00_31_40Dynotag Celebrity Pet Program rewards social shares of pets with dynotag Super Pet Tags!

Is your pet a natural-born supermodel? Do you get countless “Likes” for every photo you post?

Share a photo with your pet wearing a  dynotag SuperPetTag and get $20 in gift credits!

Join the program in 3 easy steps:

  1. Take  a clear, well-lit photo of your pet sporting a dynotag SuperPetTag™
  2. Post it on instagram, facebook or other social media site, with hashtags #Dynotag and #SuperPetTag . Also, please tag @dynotag in your posts.
  3. Email the link to your post to celebrity@dynotag.com, once you get 100+ likes, together with your pet’s dynotag ID (*see notes below), Your $20 bonus will be delivered as DynoMoney store credit deposited into your Dynotag Store account. Use it as cash to get any products you want…

Post as many different photos as you want.  Each one post surpassing 100+ likes will qualify for another bonus.

If your pet is on a roll to become a top celebrity, you can make cash in referrals with minimal effort and no risk. Consider becoming a Dynotag Associate and get up to 40% !  Find out more: https://goo.gl/EsgqxB

Now go ahead and kickstart your pet’s celebrity career!



* Notes:

  • Reposts of the same photo on same social network count as an extension of the first, original post.
  • By entering this program, you are granting Dynotag permission to share your content in social media posts, blogs and other publications.