Store Associate Dashboard

Congratulations on being a Dynotag Associate!  We are dedicated to helping you succeed! Check out the Associates FAQ page for tips. There is always new material based on your feedback…


The associate program makes you money by earning commissions in two ways:

  1. Referral Rewards, as driven by sales made by your referrals. Any purchase that uses your coupon code will yield a reward.
  2. New Customer Rewards – as driven by purchases made by users introduced by you – even without your referrals!


All the information you need is on the “Associate” dashboard when you sign in to your account. Simply select “Associate” from the left menu and you will see dashboard. Here is a breakdown of the information:


(1) This area shows you the number of “New Customer” referrals through your coupons and referral links.  You will receive extra rewards when these customers make purchases for the shown duration, even if they do not use your coupons.

(2) This section shows the cash income stream. “Current Income” is net earned income.   “Pending income” is sales within the warranty return window – and may be adjusted. “Pending income” becomes “Earned income” once the return period for the purchase is over.

(3) This section show the DynoMoney credits you have. This is store credit with which you can purchase dynotag products. Typically this is from your referrals prior to becoming an associate.

(4) This is a chart showing your income rate in the last 90 days. It is good for getting a quick idea about the effectiveness of your programs.

(5) This is your base coupon, with – full 25% commissions and no expiration date.
We suggest you use social sharing buttons to directly share your referral code on social media – or get the web links to embed in your blog, web site and other online media.

(6) This is your secondary coupon – offering a 5% discount to your customers – and is valid for about six months from creation date. The expiration date can be extended by requesting an extension via email.   You can share this coupon through social sharing buttons or get the web links and embed in online media.  You can also share this coupon code on printed media such as brochures, posters, etc. and ask your users to simply go to and enter this coupon code.

Whenever you see the  icon, you can click it to share the item via Facebook.   The  button works similarly for Google+.
When you click the button, you are shown the web links for the coupon:SampleAssociateDashboard_links1
(1) Plain web link to click on.   Useful for embedding emails.
(2) Same web link as embeddable HTML showing the clickable text “Dynotag Store”. Useful for web sites, blogs, etc. where you can enter HTML code.

Did you know you have templates for sample cards, posters, tent cards you can print at home – and use to market your products?

Visit the Associates FAQ page for Tips & Tricks, as well as answers to frequently asked questions by associates…


  • If any products purchased through your referral links are returned, the commission from that purchase only will be reversed as an “adjustment” transaction.
  • Dynotag reserves the right to make enhancements/adjustments to the Associate Rewards program from time to time.