AFAQ: Associates FAQ

What is the difference between a user and an associate?


  • Both sign into Dynotag store with a user ID
  • Both can share links to products from the store product pages – and receive rewards when purchases are made of these shares


  • Dynotag users are compensated in DynoMoney rewards. Only associates are compensated in cash.
  • There is no special registration and requirements for Dynotag users. Associates are required to meet certain requirements to get accepted into the associate program.

How do associates get compensated?

Associates are compensated in sales commissions and performance bonuses.

Sales commissions are driven by an associate’s coupons.

As a part of the initial application, Every associate selects a “base name” which is used to create coupons for that associate. Upon acceptance into the program, an associate is automatically assigned the base name coupon, which offers all goods at the Dynotag eStore to users at full retail price.

For example, when user John Doe applies to become an associate, choosing base name “SuperPet” in the application – a coupon named “SuperPet” will be issued automatically when the application is accepted.

From that moment on, Dynotag eStore will know that when a purchase is made utilizing coupon “SuperPet” – the associate to get compensated is “John Doe”.

Are coupons case sensitive?

No, coupons are NOT case sensitive, meaning that typing coupon name “SuperPet”, “superpet”, “SUPERPET” all yield the same result.

How do shoppers use Dynotag coupons issued by associates?

In one of two ways:

  1. By entering the coupon name explicitly in the “Coupons”section of eStore. Once a coupon name is entered, all prices shown in the eStore reflect discounts offered by the coupon (if there is a discount offered by the coupon).
  2. By following a link shared by the associate. Associate links are created by eStore when an associate shares a product link from a page, or picked by the associate from the “associate dashboard” page. When a shopper follows the link, not only is the shopper taken to the proper page shared from the eStore, but the coupon code is automatically applied.

Sharing coupon names explicitly is a method suitable for printed media (cards, leaflets, poster offering the coupon.

Sharing coupon links is appropriate for online sharing via social media, blogs, emails and so on – as landing on the correct store page with the coupon applied is as simple as clicking a link for the shopper.

Where do I track the sales and commissions activity?

Once the associate application is accepted, the “Rewards” page in the store, which offers DynoMoney rewards tracking functionality for shoppers changes into “Associates” page, presenting full Associate Dashboard functionality. Learn more…@@@

How do I issue more coupons as an associate?

Once you get your base coupon, you can issue more coupons that build on that base name. For example, if you have base coupon name “SuperPet” – then you can issue coupon SuperPet-10 that offers a 10% discount off store retail prices.

You can issue any number of coupons with different characteristics but they would all have the same base name, a dash, then the appended name.

Some examples:

Having multiple coupons running allows you to sell to different audiences and track their responses. You may then adjust your sale and campaign practices accordingly.

All about discount coupons

While you can issue discount coupons to incentivize your target customer base, there are a few notes:

  • Discounts come from associate commissions. This means that while you get an edge to sell more through discounts, you do have to sell more for the strategy to pay off.
  • Discount coupons have time limits, meaning that the coupon will be valid for a limited amount of time. Your associate dashboard will show you what the longest permitted period for the coupon is. Deeper the discount, shorter the lifetime.
  • You can give a discount of 20% maximum. This means you’d still make 5% commission on every sale.
  • Discount coupons should be used with discretion. Continuously issuing high discount coupons is discouraged.

How do earning calculations and performance bonuses work?

Performance bonuses are calculated automatically as your sales in a calendar month meet specific amount thresholds.

Note that your sale number may change if customer refund adjustments lower your numbers in the month. Every sale has a 30 day money-back guarantee period during which the customers may return products. This is known as the “Return Window“. Your sales numbers in this return window are shown as in “pending” state. Once the return window expires, the sales numbers are locked in, so are any bonuses based on performance numbers are computed at that time and your earnings become “invoiceable”.

For example, this means is sales from June are locked in at the end of July, thus earnings of June becomes invoiceable at the end of July.

How do I get paid?

Your associate dashboard will show you current sales numbers, both “pending” and “invoiceable”. You simply go ahead and invoice dynotag using your registered PayPal email account name, which is also your associate email account address. Dynotag then processes your invoice and you get your earnings deposited into your PayPal account, which you can then transfer to your linked bank account and so on.